Step inside this stunning fit out

We helped CBRE create a work environment that was motivating to staff and that was also attractive to clients.

Key features

  • Embracing technology
  • Flexible working
  • Breakout areas
  • Hotdesking
  • Quiet rooms

Project description

The 83,000 sq ft space is home to over 900 staff located over 6 floors and has been transformed to include myriad spaces that staff can choose to work from, including formal and informal meeting rooms, numerous breakout spaces and a staff area that doubles as an event space for clients. In total, there are now 10 different spaces available for staff to work from.

The project embraced CBRE’s Workplace 360 approach, meaning that a new collaborative working environment has been created with different team neighbourhoods introduced, all operating with clean desk policies. This constituted a major change from the previous work environment and has transformed how CBRE work.

Transformation in occupation

Overbury worked with CBRE and the project team to refurbish the building while it was still occupied by staff, so a lot of effort went into ensuring as little disruption as possible. This was achieved in part by relocating half a floor at a time and working out of hours and at weekends.

Providing staff with the most up-to-date technology was a key concern on this project, with over 220,000m of data cable installed and furniture with integrated technology also installed.

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