Creating a new office dynamic

Now more than ever companies are realising that the working needs of their staff must come first. The refurbishment of our client’s London office has facilitated the evolving requirements of their staff by transforming the working space into a fresh, uplifting environment.


8,600 sq ft

Dynamic office space

Moving up a level

Together with the Fabric Architecture team, we began working over four floors with the view to create shared touchdown spaces, greater desk capacity, conference rooms and additional power, data and AV services.

Our client wanted to create a variety of unique working spaces which would give staff the flexibility to choose how and where they work. On three floors, existing sunken lounges were levelled and converted into focus rooms with high-tech AV facilities. We also installed a series of acoustic pods in the meeting area to serve as single person ‘conversation’ rooms for added privacy. Full height fire rated partitions were erected between engineering and meeting areas to help compartmentalise the overall space but also retain a sense of openness.

Reuse, redesign

Certain elements of the new design required us to think on our feet. In order to install sit/stand desking we had to reorganise the overall layout of the space and coordinate power to the areas which had not been catered for in the original services design information. Thanks to our continuous communication with the team at Fabric and M&E consultants, Chapman BDSP, we were able to redesign certain mechanical requirements to ensure everything went smoothly when it came to the installation.

One of the priorities of the project was the recycling of existing materials. With careful planning and organisation, we were able to retain and repurpose as much equipment as we could, allowing for a huge saving on lead time, cost, and waste. While problems with the building’s sprinkler system meant that we had to re programme our works, we didn’t let it rain on our parade, and with some quick thinking and clever engineering we overcame the issue and successfully met the original handover date.

Natural light breakout area fit out

A pop of colour

Our client’s focus on staff wellbeing goes beyond agile working and sit/stand desks. They wanted their office space to feel lively and fresh, inspiring staff to perform at their best. To make the most of the abundance of natural light pouring in through the building’s floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, we accentuated the stylish design of the space with rich colours and textures. While working areas have been kept light and airy to allow for clarity of thought, the social and dining areas have been decorated in darker tones with warm ambient lighting to create a cosy, calming atmosphere.

light and airy work area
Colourful furniture in office fit out
stylish design of meeting space

Our client saw no reason for their new office space to feel plain and boring, and neither did we. Throughout the space, spontaneous bursts of vibrant colours and patterns feature in a variety of practical and aesthetic design features, infusing the office with a sense of joy. Whether it’s the satisfying curve of new pendant ring lights, geometric patterned textiles, or bright orange and teal feature walls, there is a moment of visual delight waiting around every corner.

Space to grow

Together with a fantastic team of architects, we have created a dynamic space that responds to the needs of those who work in it; a space which we know will stand the test of time. Not only are we proud of our work in creating this inspirational office, but our client is delighted to call it home.

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