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Overbury delivered the fit out for Highways England’s new Basingstoke office. The project has provided 25,000 sq. ft. of office space across a single floor of an existing building in Viables Business Park. Working closely with the designers and architects at Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt, and with project manager, Gleeds, we have helped develop Highways England’s outlook on the functionality of their workspace to inspire new ways of working for their employees.


25,000 sq. ft.

A journey to a better way of working

Come in, have a seat

When the client said they wanted their new office space to make a bold first impression, we started at the very beginning, at the front door. Staff and visitors are now greeted by a vast reception area with a bespoke reception desk featuring a bold branding motif and timber slats – a stylish design feature that is mirrored on the ceiling with LED light strips. Furnished with a large minimalist sofa and coffee tables, the space is modern and professional.

Highways England bold reception fit out

Mapping it out

Beyond reception there is now a newly configured office space which has been designed to improve the lives of staff by giving them the flexibility to choose how and where they work depending on their specific needs. The office is anchored to a main ‘town hall’ space with kitchen and dining areas accompanied by recreation and workshop spaces.

We have created a variety of agile working spaces, ranging from 30-person project hubs to informal break-out areas, all of which have been fitted with Rigitone ceilings for improved acoustics. Folding partitions also provide added flexibility to large spaces, while small pods for one or two people cater for quiet individual work.

Office fit out with flexible agile workspaces
Office kitchen with open plan areas

A splash of colour

Professional doesn’t have to mean plain. Our client also wanted their new office to feel bold and inspiring, so we injected some much-needed colour into the space with vibrant pink furniture in break-out areas, deep blue feature walls in meeting rooms, and flashes of yellow in the shared kitchen and dining areas. Throughout the space there are moments of stylistic intrigue captured in contemporary furniture, new glazing, and the continuation of timber slatted ceilings.

Staff dining area fit out with yellow and grey chairs
Colourful wall with white board
Bold office kitchen fit out with yellow feature

The freedom to move

One of the priorities of the project was to ensure the entire space met accessibility standards. Focussing particularly on communal areas and circulatory spaces throughout the building, the refurbishment has been delivered with wheelchair users in mind. The installation of rise and fall worktops, oversized rooms, widened corridors and doorways, and bespoke furniture with different levels enable the building to be easily used by everyone.

Wide corridor in office fit out for accessibility

Avoiding bumps in the road

Certain challenges that arose during the project forced us to think quickly in order to stay on track. During our validation process, we discovered the majority of the fan coil units needed to be replaced. We reported this at the earliest opportunity and a new system was designed and installed as soon as possible.

With strict health and safety standards in place, Highways England required a near miss regime with full reporting and a breakdown of all near misses included at every meeting. We ensured this was a top priority, and our approach to health and safety was praised by the client.

Pink office furniture in breakout area
Flexible boardroom with modern office furniture


“I was confident you would deliver. It was a good project and I would always recommend you. Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again and your colleagues. This project has become a good news story within Highways England."

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