Express service to a stunning workplace

Delivered in a tight programme of just eight weeks, we worked with Network Rail to deliver a new 17,000 sq ft office space that supported their organisational transformation to flexible working.

George Square, Glasgow

17,000 sq ft

Embracing a national icon

The client wanted an office that embraced the heritage of Scotland and Network Rail's contribution to its history. We took this opportunity to feature local landmarks, such as the iconic Forth Bridge, in the glass transfers on the meeting room walls. These provide the meeting spaces with enhanced privacy, while also letting natural light flow across the floor and through the meeting rooms.

To increase room utilisation, all bookable meeting rooms are fitted with smart booking systems that allow staff to instantly see if the space is unbooked, and how long for.

Network Rail meeting room glass transfers
Network Rail meeting room fit out
Network Rail office breakout area fit out

Design hubs

Network Rail's designers and engineers needed a dedicated space to review detailed drawings. The best solution here was to provide them with a dedicated design hub, complete with LED backlit benches.

These are the perfect place to review documents, while also serving as a collaboration point for other teams. The wooden slats and sound-absorbing panelling to one side help absorb acoustics to prevent excess noise travelling across the open-plan floor to other work areas.

Network Rail design hub

Pure collaboration

One of the goals of their new fit out was to introduce flexible working spaces, with plenty of areas for collaboration and breakout space.

Open-plan meeting spaces were essential in delivering this mandate, with a number of smaller open-plan breakout spaces delivered to drive collaboration. These were fitted with acoustic-absorbing finishes to ensure that any noise didn't travel too far across the open-plan floor.

This particular breakout space provides a natural biophilic boost through its use of wood, including the woodland scene glass transfer, chocolate brown wooden wall panelling and the dark timber table. To maintain balance, the space is kept bright with designer light fittings.

Network Rail meeting booth fit out
Network Rail flexible workspace fit out
Network Rail meeting room fit out

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