Bright and bold in central Birmingham

Steeped in tradition and immersed in industry expertise, RLF is a firm of independent property consultants; and they deserved an office that reflected their vibrant history and expertise.


3,800 sq ft

We immersed ourselves in RLF's culture and aspirations to ensure that this design and fit out ticked every box, as the firm moved from the outskirts of Birmingham to this new city-centre space.

Defining a culture

RLF’s partners viewed the office move as a great opportunity to not only update their workspace and improve the team’s wellbeing, but to also reinvigorate their cultural values.

Underpinning these company principles is openness in communication and a desire to embrace change. High on the teams’ priority list was for the space to allow greater agility, more openness and ease of communication, and for traditional styles of working to be broken down.

RLF Birmingham office fit out to improve wellbeing

Open for collaboration

The natural light flooding the city centre space complements the design and layout and breathes energy and life into RLF’s team.

Complying with the desire for collaborative workspaces, we designed specific areas to foster a sense of inclusiveness and community. No longer housed in cellular offices, desks are now in an open layout, which facilitates agile working.

A large family table area makes it easy to spread out site plans, and high benches with bar stools offer a less formal setting for spontaneous interactions.

RLF Birmingham office relocation
RLF Birmingham office fit out to support agile
RLF open plan office fit out

Proudly local

Staff are never far from Birmingham's iconic skyline. On one side of the office, you have sweeping views from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows looking out over the city. On the other side of the office, it's equally as iconic, with custom wallpaper in RLF's brand colours.

We designed a wall graphic that pays homage to famous local landmarks and achievements from Birmingham’s heritage.

RLF Birmingham skyline wallpaper

Mixing it up

A strand of RLF’s personality that emerged during our journey was to constantly evolve and have fun at work. We relished bringing these traits to the foreground through the expressive colour scheme and in our selection of fabrics, lighting and graphics.

To complement the existing RLF brand palette of traditional blues, we injected spicy yellow tones, lushness through planting, soft pinks and stylish grey throughout the work zones.

Keeping it natural

Biophilia is used throughout the design to create a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Colleagues are never far from nature; from the green wall which separates the working areas from the main thoroughfare to the planter boxes which are used to divide the open-plan space.

RLF biophilic design.jpg

Choose your working style

We designed soft furnished, semi-private booths that are suited for quiet work and concentration.

Coffee meetings are suited perfectly to the kitchen zone, where it is also possible to work on the laptop in a more home-from-home habitat.

RLF Birmingham office kitchen fit out

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