N-powering new working practices

RWE Npower wanted to pilot its new agile working programme — a different, more efficient way of working. Naturally, this would involve significant changes to the workspace.


11,000 - 25,000 sq ft

SKA Gold Rating

We began by interviewing staff to find out how they worked and what they wanted — this gave us the information we needed to design and produce a unique solution that met their requirements.

These insights allowed us to create a collaborative workplace that met RWE NPower's brief of more agile working, while also ensuring staff had the facilities they needed to carry out their daily tasks and boost productivity. We achieved this by providing dedicated quiet and collaboration zones, as well as more traditional workstations.

Npower breakout area fit out
Npower office pods fit out
Npower office design collaboration zone

To differentiate between collaborative and quiet work areas, we used floorplate colouring. We also created an innovation area on the third floor, with energy-saving measures such as solar and ceiling-tile heating, LED lighting, an energy data logger, solar-operated blinds, infrared sensors, and window film. Within the pitched roof, we revealed the services installations.

During the project, the offices were occupied, so we kept noise and disruption to a minimum, and carried out any particularly noisy tasks outside office hours. We were also pleased with the project’s environmental performance, as it achieved SKA Gold status.

Npower innovation zone in office fit out
Npower meeting room fit out
Npower outside office space fit out

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