Wonderful learning spaces

We've been working with the University of Warwick since 2010 to bring their 'campus of the future' vision to life. This has seen us revitalise their classrooms, lecture theatres, faculty and recreational areas; providing cutting-edge facilities for students and staff alike.


We were selected to partner with architects Berman Guedes Stretton and engineer consultants Couch Perry Wilkes, to help the University of Warwick advance its aim to achieve world-class campus standards for future students, visitors and staff.

The listening ethos that runs throughout the renowned Russell Group University was crucial in delivering this future-proofed vision. The University displays an inherent dedication to continuous learning and progressive thinking by connecting with, and listening to, the current generation of students.

Learning together

Creating the very best conditions and atmosphere for lectures meant taking an in-depth look at the way students learn. And this is changing.

Offering a variety of working styles and flexible study choices for students is becoming increasingly important in maximising productivity. Collaboration is critical to the most productive student interactions.

Warwick University lecture hall

Top marks all-round

Our team worked across lecture theatres and classroom layouts to implement high spec designs and innovative learning environments.

Tiered lecture theatres have been configured to ensure comfortable study and ease of access. Energy-efficient, integrated lighting reflects the seating design lines, blending the space aesthetically and skilfully focusing the students’ minds on their workspace.

Shared desks within the tiered layout allow students to study independently and also inspires synergies and an increased sense of community amongst the audience.

Temperature, air quality, audio-visual equipment and security were naturally in the mix to facilitate the most productive learning environment. A new plant room now houses the latest airflow system, controlling heat and ventilation. New door locking systems have enhanced safety and the AV equipment does full justice to the first-class lecturers and their surroundings.

Warwick University interior fit out
Warwick University large screens in lecture theatre

Redbrick roots

In harmony with its academic roots, the faculty’s colour palette reflects the industrial bare brick feel of the surroundings whilst paying homage to Warwick University’s brand. The end result is fresh and light, yielding a sense of space into which student minds can expand.

Textured fabrics in solid muted tones will retain an airy lightness, withstanding the test of intense use over time.

Warwick University bare brick walls

Future, faculties and framework

The Social Sciences project was the first within a five-year framework which aims to create a sustainable, world-class environment for students, staff and visitors.

We are delighted with the project’s result for the Faculty of Social Sciences, not only to enhance learning but also because we operated in harmony with the busy summer campus under the Considerate Constructors’ Scheme.

As an appointed contractor for the continued framework, our mutual objectives to reduce energy usage, and lower our carbon footprint, will position us well to deliver the University leadership’s vision to: “create a campus of the future”.

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