Our Seven Favourite BCO Award Winning Projects

Danny Parmar, Overbury Birmingham

Ask the Expert: Finding an Open Plan Productivity-Collaboration Balance

We answer your questions on how to make the most of an open plan office design, without impacting productivity.

Chess set in office courtyard

It’s time to embrace the great outdoors in your fit out

With summer now upon us, we look at why and how we should all be letting a bit of the outside in to our offices.  

Ask The Expert: Why Wellbeing Should Be A Priority

We explore why wellbeing needs to be a cornerstone of any office design or fit out project

Curved staircase for HP

Amazing Office Staircases

Staircases are so often just seen as a functional necessity in a building; a way to get people from A to B. But just because they serve a purpose, doesn’t mean they have to be mundane. 

Indoor plants in eating area

Fit Out Q&A: What is Biophilia?

There's something rather remarkable about the way that nature has the ability to make you feel, think and act differently.

James Quoroll

Ask The Expert: The Collaboration Conundrum

We talk to our resident workplace expert about enticing staff back into the office.

Fit Out Q&A: What is fit out?

We take you through the differences between Cat A and Cat B fit outs.

Michele Clifton

Ask The Expert: Investing In Office Technology

We ask our resident experts about why technology should be the cornerstone of your fit out project.

Designing for a multi-generational workforce

The reality is that the British workforce is getting older, which means that office design must now consider a new set of requirements.

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