Bracknell in Berkshire, home to a population of 83,000, has recently undergone a transformation, positioning it as a prime destination for organisations wishing to take up office space, writes Andrew Boyle, Managing Director from Overbury's Bracknell office.

Our regional Southern office has had its roots in Bracknell since the summer of 1999, and I have seen the market grow considerably during this time.

Since the town centre was regenerated in September 2017, Bracknell has been flourishing, attracting top organisations to the area, reaping the benefits of a fantastic transportation network to the South. The town is a gateway with links to Reading, Bristol and Heathrow, and is an hour into Central London.

The transformation of the town centre has been 20 years in the making, and the area is now thriving with the arrival of the Lexicon, a new shopping, dining and leisure district. New apartment blocks and housing estates are springing up everywhere, elevating Bracknell to more of a destination town.

Bracknell has succeeded in raising its profile, attracting a number of businesses to the area such as Panasonic, Mitie and Riverbed. They join large organisations such as Waitrose, 3M, HP, Vodafone and Honda who already have their headquarters or regional offices based here.

For a B2B firm, it’s imperative you’re well connected to the areas you serve and Bracknell certainly is. It also offers good value for money, giving companies a flexible range of office spaces; they can take up space in the centre of the new town development, or in an existing office park.


Bracknell’s location, in the heart of the Thames Valley, seems to appeal to all ages, with something for everyone in the new town centre. With the number of employees increasing, local businesses are taking notice with gyms and cafes popping up, further attracting new recruits to the area.

As our business has evolved, so have our staff. A lot of our new hires are in their 20s and 30s and have moved to the area as they develop their careers with Overbury, benefiting from the variety of new restaurants and local amenities.

A sound investment

Across the Thames Valley, we’ve seen an increase in firms looking to invest in the area, whilst still aspiring to achieve that ‘London finish’ which was historically reserved for the Capital.

Clients, especially those moving out of London or more expensive office markets, often look to make the most of their increased floor space and reduced overheads. Outside of London, you usually have a bigger floor plate, giving you more scope and flexibility. For instance, clients can create offices with a mix of traditional workstations, open plan and breakout areas and collaboration zones. The options really are endless when you have a little more space to play with.

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