Overbury Q&A: Office technology

Question: I know it's important to keep investing in technology, but how do I know what my people actually need and what will make them more productive?

Answer:Office technology has transformed the workplace. It facilitates conversations across teams (and continents!) and is the backbone of agile working. But 50% of workers who responded to our survey recently said that their office technology is outdated, with a fifth admitting the Wi-Fi is poor or altogether non-existent. It's no wonder the topic can easily become a huge headache for you and your staff.

Investing in the right office technology will go a long way in encouraging a culture of productivity, but first you should ask staff what they really need. When the time comes to refurbish or move office, a technology audit will help you prioritise what needs to be tackled before you spend loads on expensive kit. Your audit may even highlight some fairly inexpensive fixes - Wi-Fi boosters, charging ports in break out areas, webcams for conference calls or a digital system for booking meeting rooms. Some may be harder to roll out like new laptops and mobiles, the latest software or adaptive sensors for more natural lighting. Of course, as with all business systems, we advise a healthy dose of scepticism when drawing up your wish list. Remember that proven, mainstream solutions outdo gimmicks every time – they’re popular for a reason.

Technology should be a seamless enabler that enhances your staff's productivity.

Ultimately when people ask about productivity, they're trying to figure out how best to get their staff working harder without impacting morale. When you throw technology into the mix, it’s best to make it as seamless as possible ensuring staff can work with minimal fuss – whether 'docked' at a hot-desk, creating a data hotspot on the move, connecting remotely to the cloud or using integrated AV for a presentation.

It may be a journey to understanding exactly what your business needs but one thing is for sure - investing in technology brings rewards. 

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