Our parent company, Morgan Sindall Group plc, has been awarded an A Grade by CDP, formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project, achieving an A grade ranking, in recognition of its actions to tackle climate change.

We are proud to be part of the only major UK-based contractor to be awarded the grading in 2020, acknowledging its continued efforts to meet its environmental targets and make its business more sustainable. Of 5,800 companies worldwide who took part, only 270 made the A-list.

CDP is an independent and voluntary carbon reporting scheme which assesses how companies cut emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop low-carbon alternatives.

‘For the planet’

“We are pleased, once more, to have been recognised as leading on environmental action within our sector,” said founder and Chief Executive John Morgan.

“We know that the construction and regeneration sectors have a genuine role to play in changing how everyone does business, placing environmental awareness at the very centre of our decision-making,” he added.

“We are changing how we manage our projects, the kinds of places we create and the legacy these leave. It’s better for the planet, for people and for business.”

We are committed to minimising environmental impact and are implementing a range of measures to achieve this. These include reducing carbon emissions, using responsible construction methods and sustainable materials and reducing waste. In 2020, for example, we aim to divert 94% of waste from landfill.

‘Taking the lead’

Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP said: “Taking the lead on environmental transparency and action is one of the most important steps businesses can make and is even more impressive in this challenging year marked by COVID-19.”

“Leadership from the private sector will create an ‘ambition loop’ for greater government action and ensure that global ambitions for a net-zero sustainable economy become a reality.”

CDP’s annual environmental disclosure and scoring process is widely recognised as the highest standard of corporate environmental transparency, analysing disclosed data on environmental impacts, risks and opportunities.

Companies are assessed according to the comprehensiveness of their disclosure, awareness and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices associated with environmental leadership.