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We worked with Jet2 and Cunniff Design to fit out two new floors for Jet2 at their city-centre office in Leeds, The Mint.

The additional two floors of space provided the Jet2 and Jet2Holidays teams with an extra 16,000 sq ft of office space, allowing them to adopt flexible and agile working. Continuity was key, as we’d already fitted out five floors for Jet2 in the same building.

Where to next?

The fit out keeps staff in-touch with their end product, which makes for a fun fit out when you’re in the business of selling summer holidays.

Tea points and breakout spaces are furnished with deck chairs and palm trees, while floor-to-ceiling wall prints really brighten up the space with prints of different destinations they fly to.

Meeting in row four

Staff can have a virtual getaway, or at least replicate the feeling of flying to the beach with a meeting in one of our connected flying booths. Featuring 18 repurposed Jet2 passenger seats, these are meeting booths with a difference! Completed with connected AV facilities, and a shared central table, there’s no need to stow laptops for take-off and landing.

We also refurbished the meeting rooms and break out areas on the existing floors, allowing staff to enjoy the same quality of space and level of collaboration.

New facilities

On the ground floor, we constructed a new conference and training facility, offices and a breakout space in the central atrium area. Additional work to the flood defence walls in the underground car park was incorporated into the project, along with the lift shaft entrances, gas room and mains electrical switch room.

A phased refurbishment

The phased refurbishment and new works were carefully managed to avoid disruption and maintain critical services at all times, as Jet2’s call centre remained operational 24 hours a day.

Since the building was always operational, we scheduled M&E works, and commissioning and testing, at weekends and overnight. We also agreed on a programme whereby power was transferred to back up generators, only partial systems were shut down, along with carefully scheduled alarm testing.

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