Stanley Overbury starts the business, repairing bomb-damaged buildings in London. He hands out leaflets himself to acquire new business.


Stanley’s firm became known as Overbury & Sons – although only one son, Michael, joined him in his enterprise.


After Stanley Overbury retired, his son Michael carried on the business with his wife. They quickly developed a wide reputation for quality refurbishment and fittings, mainly on smaller jobs. The company is incorporated at Companies House in 1965.


John Morgan of Morgan Lovell and John Hooper acquire the firm.


The first Overbury office after the takeover was at the Old Post Office at Smithfield Market in London.

1990s: Overbury expands

The business in London continues to grow and in 1992 new offices are opened in Kingston upon Thames to service growing demand in the Southern market.


Overbury opens new offices in Manchester, the Midlands, Leeds & Glasgow to reflect the growth of the business and to cater for increased demand for services outside of London. A new brand identity is also unveiled including the Nautilus shell which remains to this day.


Overbury completes record £99m fit out for PwC at Embankment Place, our largest project to date. It also received the highest ever BREEAM rating of 96.3%.

View of shiny white staircase


A refreshed Overbury brand is launched - providing greater detail in the nautilus shell, improving its use in large formats.