A workplace world with no limits

Avalanche’s culture of innovation and creativity is woven into their ambitious new space. Inspired by their immersive gaming universe their workplace promotes wellness, adaptability and collaboration; and allows people to be at their most creative.

Project partners

  • Avalanche Studios Group
"What I like about working with Overbury is that you always feel that you are the centre of everything. Your approach is that 'the client is king'. Nothing is ever too much trouble. I've had that experience both times I've worked with you and it's absolutely priceless".

Alison Lacy, Avalanche Studios Group

Key features

  • Inclusive office space
  • Gaming research and development
  • Growth capability
  • Technology integration

Having grown exceptionally quickly, Avalanche wanted a space that would attract the very best industry talent with a fit out to ‘redefine industry norms’. After successfully completing Avalanche's first UK office in 2021, we were well placed to design and deliver their new office in Liverpool.

Flexibility and freedom of choice are at the core of this creative studio, with a variety of settings. From play test rooms to social spaces and beyond there is a space for everything they need - giving people the freedom to decide where and how they work.

Creativity unleashed

The space delivers a wow moment from the instant you enter, with the brand front and centre and the TVs inviting you into Avalanche's virtual world; setting the scene for a welcoming and inclusive experience.

Taking its cue from nature, the design colour pallet softens the industrial elements whilst high resolution graphics punctuate the walls with concept art that reflects the pride in everything Avalanche do. This forms the backdrop for an office that caters to the diverse requirements of the team; taking into account the neurodivergent needs of a rapidly expanding, young workforce, ensuring inclusivity and comfort.

No matter where you start your journey through the office, you will be surrounded by a diverse team of talented individuals who share a passion and commitment to create amazing games. To support this the design features specialised rooms and technical elements to assist in the continued growth and productivity of Avalanche and their people. A standout feature is the audio room that allows for sound testing of new games whilst a relaxing play test room offers the opportunity for game designers to try out their new ideas with their colleagues. Critical design features include an emphasis on controllability of lighting and use of acoustics providing a deliberate sense of wellness.

Flexible workspace

Getting people together is easy with the inclusion of a folding wall which offers complete flexibility for the space to open up for town hall meetings or client events. There is also a large auditorium for client presentations.

The power of choice was a focus in the design of the office, giving Avalanche's people the option to work individually or collaboratively. Carefully placed collision points offer the opportunity for collaborative working with room to socialise and meet in larger groups as well as work individually or in smaller teams. A fun breakout space that features pool and table football, is perfect for Avalanche's people to socialise and relax together.

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