Agile workspace for optimum efficiency

We have refurbished the Joseph Priestley Building at Birmingham City University, transforming it into a vibrant, agile workspace to house the university team under one roof.

Project partners

  • Core Five
"We needed a company on board that we could trust and were confident could deliver - Overbury ticked all the boxes."

Jason Stanley, Birmingham City University

Key features

  • 255 extra seats
  • 75% increase in meeting space
  • M&E improvements
  • Statement breakout space
  • Inclusive workspace
  • Sustainability and reuse

Birmingham City University (BCU) sought a transformative fit out for the Joseph Priestley Building as part of their efforts to make their campus spaces more efficient. Their goal was to unite teams under one roof and free up space in another nearby building, fully embracing agile working. Having trialled these practices informally and found them successful, BCU aimed to create an inspiring environment to encourage staff back to the office and promote collaboration.

Consolidation turns into extra capacity

To meet BCU’s brief, we reimagined four floors of the Joseph Priestley Building, creating a flexible environment with a variety of work settings. We modernised the infrastructure with new M&E systems and lighting, setting the stage for a dynamic and interactive layout. The design promoted movement and collaboration, expanding breakout spaces, adding 255 seats and increasing meeting space by 75%. The standout feature, the Lunar Room, is a multi-use space for yoga, team gatherings and seminars designed to encourage interaction and entice staff back to the office.

Inclusive Considerations

Client interviews revealed that workplace inclusivity was a high priority for BCU. We responded with height adjustable desks, accessible collaborative settings and split height tea points. Sustainability was also crucial, so we repurposed existing furniture and installed carbon neutral tiles. Throughout the process, we ensured the building remained functional.

Workplace Delight

The transformation of the Joseph Priestley Building has delighted Birmingham City University. The high standard of finishes and meticulous site management ensured minimal disruption to other tenants. The new, inclusive and flexible design has significantly improved daily operations and the overall atmosphere within the building.

BCU's people have embraced the new space, with the inclusive design elements and diverse work settings to create a vibrant and engaging environment. The Lunar Room in particular has become a favourite and offers a versatile space for various activities that boost wellbeing and collaboration.