Powerhouse office supports hybrid working

Sustainable and flexible design inspires new working styles for the best and brightest talent in the energy industry.

Project description

Certas Energy is in a period of growth and it needed an office to accommodate its expansion; somewhere flexible that would entice its 120 employees back to the workplace. An expired lease for its former office gave Certas Energy the opportunity to secure a 12,500 sq ft space in Allday House, Birchwood.

A tree growing from the custom-made concierge desk at the entrance of Certas Energy’s Warrington workplace is one of many eye-catching details you’ll find. A symbol of the office’s sustainable drive, connection to nature and flexibility, this stunning feature sums up the brief: create a space that supports the company’s renewed focus and environmental objectives.

An attractive prospect

The concept, design and CAT B fit out needed to attract and retain the talent who make up Certas Energy’s workforce by offering easy-to-use tech-enabled spaces for everything from concentration to collaboration.

Supporting hybrid working

The move from a 1:1 desk ratio was made possible with an agile layout extending from a central collaborative hub, which boasts a variety of working zones and furniture types. The design concept ensures that the office supports not only the work done within its four walls, but its people too. Rather than dictating how employees should work, the design transforms a blank canvas into an environment with a choice of settings to suit the task at hand.

Down to earth

Colours, textures and finishes found in Certas Energy’s office take inspiration from the elements and nature’s seasons. Using textured wallcoverings and fabrics, natural materials, and earthy hues and tones, the interpretation of the natural world fits with the firm’s brand identity. A firm favourite, are the bespoke-designed and digitally-printed wallpapers throughout the space of crashing waves and atmospheric forests.

Real plants and natural materials introduce organic shapes into the office. Without harsh angles, this workplace provides an instant sense of ease associated with biophilia and being outdoors. Warmth is created in the selection of red and terracotta colours, complemented by a real brick wall and timber panelling, whilst sage and blue hues feature in the acoustic baffles, carpeting, privacy screens, glazing and manifestations to give a feeling of fresh vitality.

Pulling at heartstrings

The focal point of this workplace is where its heartbeat is - the kitchen and main breakout area. The space intentionally only contains one kitchen to ensure it remains the anchor point of the office, a gathering spot that’s relaxed, trendy and comfortable. Positioned behind the media wall at the entrance, this space is easily accessible and furnished with a large statement sofa. Its circular shape and overhead hanging light feature make it a welcoming place to catch up with colleagues or host a casual meeting.

Here, flexibility is key. The idea is that this space can be completely reconfigured for large ‘town hall’ meetings or exhibitions. All the furniture is freestanding, including the modular sofa, and a drop down projector makes giving presentations seamless. Moving from this space, breakaway discussions can be conveniently hosted in the adjacent meeting suite of individual private rooms.

Focus on sustainability

Each furniture piece was carefully selected from manufacturers with proven environmental ratings for using products that contain recycled materials, including sofas made from plastic bottles with seats repurposed out of old clothing. We also added a QR code to every furniture item for quick digital access to its sustainability story and credentials.

A bright future

The design and CAT B fit out for Certas Energy reflects a company in the throes of an exciting evolution towards a sustainable and environmentally-responsible future. The finished space not only gives a positive and lasting impression of the brand, it also serves its employees and visitors with a workplace fit for both the present and future.

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