Re-defining public sector spaces

As part of HMRC’s framework scheme, we worked with Ward Robinson to deliver a brand new office and events space that sets the standard for collaboration and employee engagement.

Project partners

  • Ward Robinson Ltd
  • Imagile Professional Services
  • CK21
  • Ryder Architecture Ltd

Project description

A complete re-envisaging of their Benton Park campus, this was a showcase for HMRC’s workplaces of the future, so it had to be spot-on.

A core goal of the project was to meet strict sustainability and accessibility requirements, whilst also ensuring cost transparency to deliver value-for-money for the taxpayer. All of this resulted in a dynamic and engaging workspace that transforms the perception of public sector workplaces.

Walk this way

The focal point of this office space is the triple-height atrium which runs the length of the building. Drenched in natural light from the glass ceiling, this creates an engaging indoor avenue, finished with a diverse mix of collaboration spaces.

These communal areas are ideal for casual meetings and catchups in the varied seating arrangements; from café-style seating to open boardroom setups, and even a larger circular amphitheatre setup that’s perfect for small team meetings.

Meetings by the seaside

Outdoor ‘beach-hut’ inspired collaboration booths are perfect for solo working or 1:1 meetings, and feature stunning prints of the North East’s dynamic landscape. The huts are fully insulated with acoustic absorbing panels to provide solace from the open space, yet also a sense of privacy for those using the meeting space.

All of this is made possible by flexible and dynamic furniture choices that are cleverly integrated with technology to allow staff to seamlessly work from wherever they choose.

A collaborative focus

The sense of open communication and collaboration continues away from the atrium and into the rest of the office space. We managed the entire furniture installation across the campus, with products supplied as part of our fit out and sourced through HMRC's framework agreement.

Flexible and dynamic furniture was key to encouraging more collaboration with teams at HMRC. The versatile furniture selection allows the space to be subdivided into smaller areas, and quickly reconfigured without requiring building works. This means HMRC can scale their office space to meet the needs of different teams and projects.

Working in occupation

Working in the occupied space at Benton Park required us to maintain a collaborative relationship with everyone on the project; with weekly meetings taking place and a site newsletter produced to provide advance notice of any noisy or disruptive works.

The driver for the programme was to provide efficiency for the taxpayer while improving the ways that HMRC staff worked with one another. Their new fit out helps achieve this by reducing their real estate footprint, lowering ongoing running costs and of course, improving staff efficiency and productivity.

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