Innovative design for ambitious growth: Starling bank's Manchester office fit out

Following significant growth, Starling Bank expanded into Manchester, aiming to create up to 1,000 new jobs. They needed an office to attract top talent and support their mission to revolutionise banking.

"We are delighted with the office. The finishes are of a very high standard, and we have got a final design which matches exactly what we asked for."

Katie Dyment, Starling bank

Key features

  • Complete flexibility
  • Nurturing future talent
  • Enabling growth
  • Reconfigurable work settings

The fintech firm approached Overbury to develop a modern office interior that would tap into Manchester’s deep pool of fintech talent and support their goal of nurturing and growing their people. The new office fit out needed to help Starling on their mission to change banking for good.

Designing for a dynamic fintech environment

To meet Starling’s ambitious goals for its new office, we developed a concept that reflects their culture of growth and innovation. The layout was designed to support the buzz of working for a fast-moving fintech, while also providing a variety of options for different types of work. There are small pods for quiet work, large seminar-style training rooms, brainstorming areas, one-to-one mentoring spaces, impromptu get-together spots and more informal meeting areas. The collaborative spaces feature a Meccano-inspired flexible pod seating system that easily dismantles and reconfigures to create space for two, four or six people. The café and eating space is a central hub where people can gather and build relationships that fuel the company’s growth.

However, the office isn't just about function; it also looks stunning. Natural timbers are used as accents throughout, harmonising with muted colours that complement explosions of colour and strong accent lighting. Biophilia is present everywhere, giving people a sense of nature and well-being. The finishing touch is the addition of Starling's statement branding.

A thriving, collaborative workspace

Since moving in, Starling Bank’s people are loving their new environment, making full use of the collaborative, individual and social spaces. The number of employees coming into the office has increased and everyone is excited to use the space. The central café area is a real hit and people are feeling the buzz. The Starling team have expressed their delight in the workmanship, noting that “the standard is among the best they've ever seen on a project.”

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