A collaborative and trusting journey to create an environment to help students become the best they can be

Enhancing the University of Bath's School of Management, while preserving the building's character and fostering a legacy of sustainability and creative inspiration on campus.

Project partners

  • JLL
  • Fulkers
  • AWW
  • Hoare Lea
"Working with Overbury has been a real story of positive teamwork with the end result being a fantastic space where staff and Executive students can study, work and socialise."

Jenny Armstrong, School of Management Project Manager

Project description

The client transformed the fifth floor into a welcoming space for Executive students and staff. They aimed to add sophistication while preserving the existing industrial features.

Productive occupation

Working within a bustling, occupied building busy with lectures and events required some careful planning. However, thanks to a strong partnership between the building management team and Overbury we agreed a schedule that included out of hours work enabling peace and productivity.

Open and honest

Building an open and trusting relationship was paramount. The team were transparent, keeping the client well informed on all major decisions and issues.

Social value inspiration

The 26-week project went beyond just the refurbishment, it also delivered social value. Leftover timber from the base build found new life as picnic benches, gracing the canteen area for hardworking subcontractors and later gifted to the university as a symbol of sustainability. Additionally, the university was invited to decorate the project's hoarding, turning it into a space with posters and QR codes highlighting university achievements and specialisations. This not only added a touch of creative energy but also created a positive buzz on campus.

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