Scope 3 carbon is the big one for our business and our sector

Let's push the conversation forward

Like many businesses in recent years, we’ve been diligently reporting our Scope 1 and 2 emissions. But, as we now know, Scope 1 and 2 tell only a fraction of the story.

Since turning our attention to Scope 3 emissions, we’ve learned just how huge and complex these carbon sources are, and how much more work we need to do. We knew these emissions would be dominant, but we didn’t know the overwhelming scale. Scope 3 accounts for 99.61% of our carbon emissions.

Our report findings are by no means perfect, but we're sharing them with as much honesty and transparency as this challenging exercise demands. We’ve focused on data that’s meaningful, robust and where we can have the greatest impact on our carbon emissions. We’ve made sure our numbers are accurate enough to inform our strategy, working practices and influence our supply chain partners. We’re confident that, in time, we’ll also improve our Scope 3 reporting as our processes generate more accurate results.

Read our full report to see the detail in our methodology, findings and our call to action in pushing the Scope 3 conversation forward.

Next steps for 2023

Compiling our Scope 3 emissions report for 2022 has been a weighty task. We recognise that we need to do more to ratify our calculations. So for our 2023 Scope 3 report, we plan to involve an independent benchmark organisation to provide third party endorsement of our findings.

Measuring Scope 3 emissions is complex and not yet an exact science, but we can't wait for the sector to get there organically. Everyone needs to understand that Scope 3 is where the carbon is. And this is our first step towards driving the conversation forward.

Scope 3 emissions report 2022

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