As a member of the SKA Technical Committee, Overbury's Dr Joe Croft is part of an exciting change in SKA rating Ltd's leadership and governance.

Dr Joe Croft, alongside the other members of the SKA Technical Committee, has been working closely with the RICS teams for the past five years to transfer ownership of the environmental assessment methodology and benchmarking tool to create SKA rating Ltd. This transfer will allow the tool to grow under the guidance of its creators.

A phased transition of ownership will be complete by February 2024 and the not-for-profit organisation will be run by the technical committee members, Dave Wakelin, Charlie Law, Iain McIllwee and headed up by Elina Grigoriou.

"I am excited to be part of SKA’s next steps, to help take an already great scheme, make it better and expand its reach further and to help drive more sustainable outcomes." Dr Joe Croft, Head of Sustainability.

The SKA rating assists landlords and tenants in assessing fit out projects against a set of sustainability criteria. To find out more, please click here and look out for further updates in the new year.