Flexible office space in the heart of Middlesbrough

As part of AXA's continued transformation of their property portfolio, their Middlesbrough base has been designed to support hybrid working and bring their people together in quality spaces.

Key features

  • Longstanding client relationship
  • Hybrid working ratios
  • Continuous innovation
  • Minimum cellularisation

Axa wanted a workplace that was flexible enough to change and adapt as their working policies and practices continue to evolve. This was the focus as they moved to Six Centre Square, a new building in Middlesbrough. Having worked together on earlier projects, we were able to build on the knowledge and understanding of AXA’s workplace ambitions to design and deliver a solution that best supported their teams for now and into the future.

Breaking down barriers

From reducing walls to providing an environment that encourages people to connect and collaborate, this workplace removes barriers.

Innovative solutions reduce the need to build internal walls and vastly increase the flexibility of the space. Meeting booths can be easily dismantled and moved, either within the space or across the wider portfolio; and intelligent furniture solutions inject flexibility into every setting. As hybrid working policies evolve, so does the workplace.

With a variety of distinct settings, Axa's Middlesbrough location is flooded with choice and places to collaborate. Café areas double up as a place to meet and tiered town hall seating can house quick one-to-ones or large get togethers.

Project areas are wrapped in acoustic baffles so that teams can collaborate without disturbing their colleagues. Virtual collaboration or quick private phone calls are supported with drop-in phone booths. There is a space for every need and with flexibility at its core, this workplace will flex and change with AXA over the years.

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