Space to work and showcase products

Headlam sought a transformation that would not only rejuvenate their workplace but also inspire clients and suppliers.

Project partners

  • Headlam
"It's such an inspiring environment and we've had great feedback from both our clients and our suppliers."

Jason Crump, Headlam

Key features

  • Product showcase
  • Biophilia
  • Staff collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation hub
  • Workplace variety

Headlam’s workspace was long overdue for a refresh. Their office staff needed a variety of settings to work and collaborate. Designers needed a studio to create and develop their collections. And the company needed room where they could entertain and impress clients. A more inspiring environment was wanted all round. A place to boost wellbeing and showcase their products in a beautiful ‘real-life’ setting.

Putting space to use

We decided that the brief was calling for a hybrid office showroom workplace, with people at its heart. First up, we replaced a disjointed layout with a more collaborative and immersive flow – space to share and evolve new ideas while surrounded by current and upcoming products.

To cater for all working situations, we included a mixture of offices, hot desks and meeting rooms, making sure to use as much natural light as possible. The more views the better. Making efficient use of square footage, we created a dual-purpose area that serves as wellbeing lounge for day-to-day breakout time and townhall space for larger events. We also designed an industrial-style bistro for people to meet, eat, socialise and generally step away from the office or warehouse. All the while, we worked with Headlam to use every inch of floor space (and a good amount of wall space) to show off their products. We wanted their brand to really shine through.

We also created an innovation hub – a statement space where products are designed, launched and put on show for clients to see and touch to really get a feel for each floor covering. The space features an adaptable product display so that Headlam can tailor a bespoke experience for different clients and collections, depending on their needs.

Throughout, we have included a homely mix of soft seating (sofas, armchairs, cubes and benches), as well as spotlights and pendants to help separate, illuminate and add warmth to different zones.

Green and long-lasting

Sustainability was paramount in the design and build for Headlam’s workspace so we recycled items wherever we could. This meant reusing doors, timber frames and furniture, while installing energy-efficient LED lighting throughout. We featured a variety of indoor plants and dried flowers, and created a bespoke care guide to promote green-fingered nurturing for long and healthy plant life.

Inspiring results

Headlam has already seen an uplift of staff coming into the office; hot desks are always busy. There’s fluid movement between zones and teams and people are clearly enjoying the buzz and industriousness of being with their colleagues.

As for the innovation hub, this is a huge hit with both clients and suppliers, not to mention Headlam’s own designers who get a genuine thrill out of working there every day. Everyone agrees it’s the space they all needed to really experience (and create more of) their beautiful flooring products.

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