The first WELL Platinum in the North

Situated on the 10th floor of the Landmark Building in the heart of Manchester’s city-centre, and designed by JLL, this is a truly people-centric workplace that optimises wellbeing. Drenched in natural light, finished in timber and home to hundreds of living plants, the workplace is leading the way in wellbeing.


14,000 sq ft

Driven by sustainability

A benchmark in sustainability

The building achieved: WELL Platinum, with a score of 91 and all pre-conditions being met; BREEAM Excellent, with a CCS score of 41 and the exemplary threshold being achieved; and SKA Offices Gold with 53 measures and 14 Gold Gateways.

JLL office fit out for sustainability

Wellbeing through sustainability

Many of the wellbeing benefits are intrinsically linked with sustainability. Tactile surfaces use natural fibres, living walls remove C02 from the atmosphere and an abundance of natural light helps optimise serotonin levels. 90 per cent of the relevant building area is within 7m of a window, and a circadian lighting system complements the richness of natural light.

A Sound Masking System is in place to mask unwanted sounds and provide higher levels of acoustic privacy. This system is compliant with BREEAM, WELL and SKA. Fresh air rates are achieved at 12 litres per second per person.

Combined, these systems create an optimal workplace that meets the highest sustainability standards.

Low carbon office fit out

Nothing going to waste

Recycled products were specified where possible, including the striking table tops and decorative panels, made from recycled yoghurt pots! This shows that sustainability isn’t just good for the environment, but it can look great too. We worked with JLL to re-use existing furniture from their old workspace to reduce the environmental impact of sourcing and manufacturing new furniture.

The project’s logistics were carefully managed to help reduce the project’s overall carbon footprint. Thanks to recycling as much as possible, we were able to achieve 98 per cent waste recycling on site. Wellbeing was at the heart of the fit out process, with joinery being pre-assembled in the workshop to help reduce dust and waste on-site.

Office fit out using recycled materials

It's all about the people

The fit out was designed with biophilia and people at the centre of the workplace experience. This influenced all major decisions, from layouts to materials, colour, and furniture. Workplace wellbeing goes beyond the physical environment. A cornerstone of activity-based working is about having the choice in how and where you work. All workstations are height adjustable, allowing staff to stand and work throughout the day — a workplace trend that has shown proven wellbeing benefits.

Biophilia and plants in office fit out
Office fit out with sit stand desks
Focus room and hanging plants in office fit out

Privacy is an ever-important commodity and there are open meeting booths, connected meeting pods (with glass finishes to allow for natural light to flow through) as well as individual calling booths, finished with fold-out laptop stands. No more ducking into the boardroom to take a private call.

Let's meet in the kitchen

The office kitchen is a beautifully bright, open-plan space that doubles as a collaborative work and meeting area. The exposed services increase the visible height of the area, while the natural timber tables and wall cladding reflect the natural light shining through from the oversized windows. Vibrant furniture choices; from orange chairs to the royal blue meeting booths, provide a distinctive burst of colour.

Kitchen in office fit out

An organic welcome

Situated between the bright communal kitchen and the open-plan, activity-based working areas, the office’s reception is more reminiscent of a high-end hotel rather than your traditional office. Set against the backdrop of a living wall, the concierge-style reception sets the tone for wellbeing and inclusivity throughout the rest of the space.

Guests can sit around the indoor tree, or even plug their laptop in and work between their meetings at the semi-circular high table. This goes to show JLL’s commitment to wellbeing extends from their staff to guests and clients too.

Biophilia in office reception fit out

When it all comes together

This workplace sets a new standard for staff engagement. It’s where clients set an aspiration for their own workplace. It demonstrates the benefits of collaboration, wellbeing and sustainability. This is truly a showcase of sustainable construction, along with workplace wellbeing coming together.

Breakout area for collaboration in JLL office fit out
Plants and natural light in sustainable office fit out

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