Discovering new realities in a world-leading digital arts facility

Overbury delivered the University of Portsmouth’s new Centre for Creative and Immersive Extended Reality (CCIXR), the UK’s first integrated facility to support innovation in virtual, augmented and extended realities.


15,000 sq ft

Innovative and forward-thinking

Inspiring a new generation

Working with AECOM, who served as project managers and M&E engineers, as well as D84 architects who delivered the design, we set out to create a space that enables students and creators to explore next-generation extended reality technology in an industry-leading institution.

We helped construct a series of studios to house different digital technologies, such as immersive virtual reality, augmented reality and photogrammetry (the process of extracting 3D information from photographic material).

High quality recording space inspires creativity
Three person recording studio with projector

Updated studio spaces accommodate a variety of audio and visual technologies.

Sounds good to us

In recording studios and editing rooms, we installed multiple layered plasterboard partitions, triple-glazed windows, floating acoustic floors and plasterboard ceilings with specialist dampening hangers.

To achieve the specific acoustic requirements, walls and ceilings have been constructed at different angles and all air conditioning systems were installed with attenuated ductwork to minimise background noise.

To add a touch of creative flare to the space, the music studios have been fitted with colour-changing atmospheric lighting and timber-clad feature walls.

Before and after: wall reconfiguration focussing on the use of obtuse angles for enhanced acoustic reverberation.

Studio with LED coloured lighting
Recording studio with acoustic panelling and ceiling ventilation

Recording studios required high quality acoustics and soundproofing.

Fostering creativity and connectivity

The space acts as a creative hub featuring a new virtual stage that displays digital imagery on three different surfaces to create an immersive viewing experience. With exposed ceilings, double height windows and a freshly painted white floor, the space feels incredibly light and airy.

We also gave the existing offices a refresh and installed new meeting rooms and a tea point to ensure variety of workspaces.

Open plan creative space with exposed ceiling

Bright and spacious open area with immersive digital stage.

Cutting-edge technology

Standout features of the project include a motion capture studio with an acoustic quilted blanket wall and a green room, both used for generating virtual imagery and augmented reality. Every technologically advanced space required careful planning when it came to logistics and installation due to the highly advanced and valuable equipment they are fitted with.

We are proud to have helped create such an exciting facility that builds on the University of Portsmouth’s renowned expertise and excellence in digital innovation. The pioneering CCIXR is home to some of the world’s leading immersive technology and puts the university at the centre of the industry’s evolution.

Quilted texture walls in the motion capture studio
Green room with bespoke lighting

Bringing together the latest technology under one roof.

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