Welcome to the CoreNet Summer Party 2024. We are thrilled to sponsor the table centres at this year's event. This year's theme, '24 Carat, is brought to life through our honey displays.

Why Honey?

Honey is a natural, eco-friendly product that embodies the essence of sustainability. Its production is inherently tied to the health of our environment. Without bees, it wouldn't be long before our ecosystem collapsed. Bees pollinate our wild trees and wild flowers, which then support other insects, which then support birds, bats, mammals and everything up the food chain with food and shelter. Their work supports the growth of fruits, vegetables and flowers, making them indispensable to our food supply and natural landscapes.

Our source?

The London Honey Co have supplied us with a selection of their finest honey which have been sourced from three UK locations - Wiltshire, Kent and Salisbury.

They look for beautiful and un-spoilt farmland that hasn’t been aggressively farmed or drilled and work with farmers who refuse the use of pesticides and insecticides. They have partnered with organic dairies and sustainable farmers to ensure their slow beekeeping practices not only produce the highest quality honey but also ensures the welfare of the bees and the crops on which they forage are carefully protected.

As members of Slow Food UK and accredited to the Soil Association, they support the cause to change the way we eat, farm and care for our natural world.

Responsible Business

As part of the Morgan Sindall Group, we have supported the RSPB to purchase 54 hectares of land to enable them to restore wetlands for wildlife, climate and people at the RSPB’s Lakenheath Fen reserve on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. At Blenheim Estate in Oxfordshire, we're planting 270,000 trees across 138 hectares, the size of Hyde Park in London. Finally, in the North Pennines, we're helping to restore 300 hectares of damaged blanket bog, a crucial ecosystem for carbon storage and biodiversity.

Explore our Total Commitments to Responsible Business here.

An aerial image of Lakenheath Fen, acquired as part of the Morgan Sindall Group.