We deliver quality learning spaces that allow your students to reach their potential. We ensure your fit out is finished on-time, on-budget and with minimal fuss.

As you prepare to welcome new students to begin their T-Levels, we can help re-invigorate your campus with a new fit out that provides the best student experience possible.

We provide the best team and fit out solutions to meet the unique needs of your estate and course requirements. Whether that's specialist laboratories, unique AV installations or simply engaging spaces for students and staff alike.

We'll help your college excel

Many projects take place during term time whilst colleges remain open to staff and students.

Our teams are used to working in occupation and work with you to ensure there's minimal disruption to students and faculty members. We carry out noisy works after hours, and ensure the site is setup with everyone's wellbeing in mind.

Fact: 97% of our projects are completed in occupation.

We always match your project with a team that's equipped to deal with the intricacies of your project or campus environment.

What's more, we invest in local supply chains across the country. This means that your project will support local suppliers, engage with apprentices and help boost the regional economy. And since they are locals, this means less overall emissions associated with your project.

Reducing our environmental footprint is paramount; from maximising on-site recycling to reducing ongoing emissions from each project.

With a dedicated in-house Environmental and Sustainability team, we helped develop Ska HE, the very first environmental accreditation associated with higher education institutions.

We can help your project achieve Ska, Ska for HE, BREAM, LEED, and the WELL Building Standard.

We deliver unique facilities across your campus

Social spaces

Social and collaborative spaces are a crucial part of campus life. Whether it's somewhere for downtime between lessons, a breakout space to work on group assignments, or a cafe - these spaces bring students and staff together.


We have extensive experience in delivering world-class laboratories and research facilities. We take this same standard and approach to delivering labs for further education institutions. This ensures your students are learning with the best facilities that they'll encounter in their future workplace.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching spaces come in all shapes and sizes and need to be able to adapt to changing courses and curriculum.

That's why we take a holistic view of your campus and look to increase the versatility of your fit out through providing spaces that can easily adapt to changing requirements.


We support the delivery of healthcare and health science qualifications through cutting-edge practical and theory learning spaces.

From learning wards to classrooms integrated with the latest technology, we ensure that future frontline workers and NHS staff have everything they need to excel in the field.


Gaming and digital production demand the latest technology and digital infrastructure to equip students with the skills they need in the workplace.

We can deliver VR, motion capture suites and classrooms integrated with IT, helping your students get ready for work.


Practical courses need spaces where students can master their craft and hone their skills.

Our experts can deliver safe spaces equipped with the right mechanical and electrical infrastructure needed to support complex workshops.

Keen to find out more

If you'd like to discover more about how we can help with specialist further education facilities, or assist with transforming your campus, download our Further Education Brochure.