Fit out with a focus on wellbeing

Engineering a dynamic new home for WSP at the iconic Mailbox, Birmingham. WSP were after a new home that enabled agile working, while putting the wellbeing of their staff front and centre, so we worked with architect Stanton Williams, to deliver an office that's just as flexible and dynamic as their staff.

Key features

  • Hotdesks
  • Technology
  • Open plan
  • Timber flooring
  • Biophilic touches

Project description

One thing was certain from WSP's move to their new office, was that they wanted to shake up their culture and move to a completely agile working environment. This meant that most staff didn't have a dedicated desk, and there certainly weren't going to be any cellular offices.

This new way of working involved installing workstations in a 1:1.35 desk-to-staff ratio, supported by an abundance of varied activity-based working areas; from meeting pods to standing desks, solo chairs and communal areas. This allows staff to focus on their current task and work from an area that supports them, rather than attempting to adjust their static environment.

All the desks (with a majority bookable for agile team members) are situated near the large windows to maximise exposure to natural light, allowing staff to reap the wellbeing benefits associated with natural light.

We spent time with staff in WSP's previous office to really understand what they wanted and expected from their new workspace. A focus on wellbeing emerged as a solid consideration. We looked to re-write the rules with their new office focusing on agile working, collaboration and staff wellbeing. There are no dedicated offices, plenty of agile working spaces, and most importantly — tonnes of natural light and alternative working areas.

Let's meet at Central Street

With a tea point, social spaces, touchdown desks and a variety of open-plan meeting spaces, you can find somewhere to complement your current task on Central Street.

With a focus on agile working, social interaction and movement, the centre of the office acts as a sociable thoroughfare that brings the outdoors in, complete with a tree-lined boulevard and street signs for wayfinding. Just like your bustling high street, this spans the length of the office and provides access to all the communal facilities, along with a variety of work spaces.

Magnificently multifunctional

Most spaces in WSP's fit out double up with a second use case, really making their floorspace as efficient as possible. This not only reduces the amount of floorspace required, but also provides a greater array of facilities to support staff wellbeing through various initiatives.

These multifunctional rooms can serve larger meetings throughout the working day, and then support other activities; such as converting to a social space or doubling as an after-hours yoga studio.

Supporting health and wellbeing

We worked towards a FITWEL standard to make sure the fit out was certified to support the health and wellbeing of WSP's staff. Mailbox is such a centrally located development in the heart of Birmingham, so we wanted to ensure staff had changing and showering facilities available so they could cycle to work or go for a jog at lunch; ensuring they can keep fit and healthy throughout the working week.

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